Contact Us

We are located at:

NYU Langone Medical Center
MSB 495
550 1st Ave
New York, NY 10016

Erika's Phone: 212-263-5963
Lab Phone: 212-263-7787
Fax: 212-263-7133

Common reagent requests:

If you are interested in procuring 10xSTAT-GFP and 2xSTAT-GFP stocks, please note that these are already available at Bloomington:

Reporter Line Fluorophore Bloomington Stock Number Flybase Genotype
10xSTAT-GFP on II DGFP (destablizied GFP) 26199 P{10XStat92E-DGFP}2
10xSTAT-GFP on III DGFP (destablizied GFP) 26200 P{10XStat92E-DGFP}3
10xSTAT-GFP on II GFP 26197 P{10XStat92E-GFP}1
10xSTAT-GFP on III GFP 26198 P{10XStat92E-GFP}2
2xSTAT-GFP on III GFP 26196 P{2XStat92E-GFP}6-1